Body Lift Procedures: Making the Right Choices

Body lift procedures offer smooth body contours for a long lasting enhancement that may also have a positive influence on your professional life, social life and during intimate activities. People often select more than one body lift procedure and there are potential benefits to this when procedures are performed simultaneously, including:  one facility fee, one anesthesia fee and one recovery. Still, plastic surgeons must use caution when performing and combining body lift procedures. Let’s do a recap so you can learn more. 

Body Lift Options with Dr. Abramson 

·         The arm lift reshapes the underside of sagging upper arms due to excess skin and fat.

·         Inner and outer thigh lift results smooth convex contours to blend beautifully with your love handle contours for more of an hour glass figure. 

·         The breast lift offers lifted, proportionate, firmer breasts for a refined appearance.

·         The buttock Lift may dramatically improve the projection and shape of your buttocks.

·         Liposuction may be performed in conjunction with the above mentioned procedures to enhance the outcome of surgery. 

Special Considerations in Body Lift Procedures

Attention to details is critical to create an excellent result in body lift procedures. There are select procedures that may be performed simultaneously.  Dr. Abramson will identify your candidacy for combining procedures during your consultation.  Generally speaking, it is not advised to be in surgery for more than 4-5 hours. As a medical organization leader, distinguished instructor, and well recognized plastic surgeon, Dr. David Abramson takes every precaution to help ensure safety during surgery.  For this reason, there are specific body lift procedures that Dr. David Abramson may combine the following procedures.  

·         Tummy Tuck and Inner Thigh Lift

·         Tummy Tuck and Outer Thigh Lift

·         Tummy Tuck and Buttock Lift

·         Breast Surgery and Arm lifts

If you are interested in Body Lift procedures, call board certified Dr. Abramson, Englewood New Jersey and New York, New York plastic surgeon for a thorough consultation at (201) 568-6977 or (212) 774-1828. 

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