Breast Augmentation and Revision Breast Surgery Needs?

Breast Augmentation does not need necessarily require a secondary or revision surgery. In the right hands with the gifted talent of a highly accomplished breast surgeon, the results from breast augmentation may last a lifetime, depending upon your age. Yet, there are special considerations that you may want to keep in mind when thinking about breast augmentation, as follows.

  • A select number of breast surgeons know how to take precautions to reduce the risk of revision breast surgery before you decide on breast augmentation.  This includes offering numerous ways for you to try on different styles and types of breast implants in different types of clothing to obtain an impression of how you will look with breast implants. This also includes using a scientifically based measurement system to help select the most appropriate fit for you.
  • Select breast surgeons have refined their techniques over years of time to offer the least invasive approach to contribute the most appropriate dissection of the breast pocket and the optimal placement of breast implants. This includes having performed variations in the technique to meet unique needs of different women and staying up to date with the latest in breast augmentation to optimize results.
  • To obtain advanced surgical skills, a breast surgeon must perform the procedure many times over the course of years.  Thus, level of expertise of your breast surgeon may play a role in the outcome of treatment.

Dr. Abramson is highly skilled in the most advanced techniques for breast augmentation and revision breast surgery. Call board certified Dr. David Abramson, Englewood New Jersey and New York, New York plastic surgeon for a thorough consultation at (201) 568-6977 or (212) 774-1828.

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