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If you have dull, aged, wrinkled, discolored, or scarred skin, don’t worry! Renew your skin with an individually-tailored chemical peel for long-lasting facial rejuvenation. Chemical peels reduce signs of age and damage, leaving a healthy, youthful “glow.” We offer light, medium, and deep peels, each of which is customizable to the unique needs of our patient’s skin.

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What are Chemical Peels?

Have you come across your reflection recently and felt like something is missing? Is that shine and radiance gone? Is that glowing, clean, and clear skin now covered in blemishes and unsightly lines? If you’re ready to return your skin to the gorgeous, unblemished beauty that you want to see in the mirror, then it’s time to consider starting from the bottom with a chemical peel.

The procedure isn’t exactly executed the way that it sounds – no one will be peeling away your skin – but what your doctor will be doing is using a mix of chemicals to dry out and remove a layer or more of your skin, which will in turn expose a clear and glowing layer underneath.

There are varying levels of chemical peels ranging from light peels to deep peels. The best level for you can be determined by talking with your doctor, who will evaluate your skin’s current condition.

chemical-peels-for-acne-scarsTraditionally, a light chemical peel involves having your face washed and then having the doctor apply the chemicals to your face with a brush. The solution will stay on for 10 minutes.

Depending on the level of peel you select, there may be some discomfort and burning during and after the procedure. The doctor will be using a combination of beta hydroxy acids, such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, and maleic acid, along with alpha hydroxy acids.

After the 10 minutes, the doctor will rinse the chemicals off your face and a neutralizer will be applied. If you’re undergoing a light or medium peel, you can expect to go right back to everyday activities, with the possibility of some sensitivity.

Only if you opt for the deep chemical peel will there be a two-day recovery process.

No matter which level you decide is right for you, one thing is certain: After your peel, your skin will regain its glow and shine, and your blemishes, lines, and wrinkles will be no more than a memory.

If you’re ready to see the reflection you remember or the one you want people to remember, it’s time to make an appointment with Dr. Abramson. The combination of his expertise and your natural beauty will result in a radiant reflection in no time!

Are Chemical Peels Right for You?

Chemical peels are not a substitute for a facelift, but they can help with many issues. Your chemical peel will be tailored to address the unique needs of your skin and achieve your desired outcomes.

Good candidates for a chemical peel are those who wish they had more even, tight, youthful-looking skin. Ideal candidates are those who are in overall good health and who have open but realistic expectations of the outcomes possible with any cosmetic procedure. If you have darker pigmented skin, vascular lesions, or an advanced loss in skin elasticity, you may not be a good candidate for a chemical peel. Dr. Abramson will discuss your candidacy with you during your private consultation.

Benefits Of A Chemical Peel

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brown marks, freckles and skin pigmentation
  • Age and liver spots (lentigines)
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Scaly patches and rough skin
  • Improve skin’s ability to absorb nourishing serums and skin products

If you are bothered by any of these conditions, then a chemical peel may be the answer you’ve been looking for.


Dr. Abramson’s medical team encourages you to set up an appointment, so we can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your skin. During your private consultation, you may be asked to briefly go over your current lifestyle, medication use, and other aspects of your medical history that could influence your skin’s health and healing. You can talk to us about your concerns, and we will help steer you toward a chemical peel that will give you the results you desire.

If Dr. Abramson believes you will achieve better rejuvenation through an alternative procedure, like a facelift, he will share his professional opinion during your private consultation.

About Your Chemical Peel

The formula that is chosen by your specialist will depend on your individual needs.

Generally, chemical peels contain at least one of the following ingredients: phenol, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) or alphahydroxy acid (AHA).

Once the solution is ready, it is “painted” onto your skin to penetrate and ultimately remove the damaged, outer layers. A chemical peel will leave you with a healthy, glowing appearance.

Three Levels Of Chemical Peel

Light chemical peel

The solution is left on for 10 minutes, removing just the outer layer of your skin (epidermis). This method is geared toward fine wrinkles, slight pigment variations, dryness and minor acne. You will need to return about once a month to maintain your vibrant look.

Medium chemical peel

This technique targets acne scars, deeper wrinkles and uneven skin color by penetrating the outer layer of your skin and the upper part of your middle layer (dermis). Repeat treatments are typically needed every six months to a year to keep your skin glowing.

Deep chemical peel

This more-intense treatment reaches to the lower dermal layer of your skin to correct deeper wrinkles, scars, sun damage and blotches. The solution may be left on for 30 minutes to two hours. The effects of this chemical peel can last up to 10 years.

The chemicals required and the depth of the peel vary from individual to individual. That’s why it is important to work with professionals who have vast experience evaluating skin and determining suitability for a chemical peel. Dr. Abramson’s medical team is proud to help patients from New York City, Englewood and Manhattan find the right chemical peel for them.

What to Expect after Your Chemical Peel

Patients who receive a light or medium peel will be able to return to their everyday activities immediately after their peel.

Some patients may experience sensitivity or redness, but these conditions will fade within a few days following a light peel, and within ten days for a medium peel. Skin may flake during this period, but is is a natural part of your skin’s renewal process. Patients are advised to avoid sun exposure during their initial recovery period. Healing timelines will depend on the patient: most patients are able to return comfortably to their usual activities within a day of their chemical peel, but some may prefer to wait a few days to allow their skin to recover.

Patients who receive a deep chemical peel will need to take two days off from their regular activities. Patients with more sensitive skin may prefer to take up to a week off work, depending on the redness and sensation in their skin.

Skin will likely harden and peel during the first two weeks of recovery. Patients will receive an ointment to protect and soothe their skin during this period. Patients will also want to avoid sun exposure. While it may take up to two months to see final results, patients will begin to notice fuller, brighter skin as their older, damaged skin sheds away.

Chemical Peel: Long-Lasting Results

Patients who receive a light to medium peel will notice their skin is firmer, more even-toned, and has a healthy “glow.” The results of a light chemical peel usually last for a month, while medium peels accomplish renewal that can last for six to twelve months.

A deep chemical peel will reduce scars, diminish wrinkles, and firm the skin for a healthier, more youthful appearance. The outcomes of a deep chemical deep are dramatic: patients look revived and rejuvenated! Results of a deep peel can last for ten years.


For your financing needs, Alphaeon™ and Prosper® are offered. Because there are so many options when it comes to chemical peels, the costs are impossible to generalize. However, you can learn more details about chemical peel prices by talking with the staff at either of Dr. Abramson’s offices.

At our surgical practice, you will be treated as an individual, not just another patient. Please schedule a meeting with us today so we can discuss chemical peels and how the treatments can help you.

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