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Want to turn back the clock? Botox injections are a way to achieve a youthful, vibrant appearance that a good night’s sleep just cannot provide.

What is Botox?

Botox in New York City by Renowned Plastic Surgeon David AbramsonBotox Cosmetic is an injectable that treats minor imperfections on your face including laughter lines, “crow’s feet,” deep wrinkles, creases, and acne scars. It is one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures because of its effectiveness yet subtleness. Botox is injected directly into the muscles that cause moderate to severe lines to form on your forehead, neck, and around your eyes and mouth.

The popularity of Botox is something that Dr. David L. Abramson and his staff see every day. We have assisted men and women from Manhattan and other nearby areas who are looking for an effective, non-invasive way to “turn back the clock.”

How Botox Injections Work

Botox is a neurotoxin mostly composed of botulinum toxin type A. Botulinum toxin type A has been used for the past 15 years to reduce wrinkles, frown lines, crows feet, and forehead lines as well as the skin bands of the neck. There are several brand names for this botulinum toxin type A, including Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin.

Botox injections address the underlying muscles that are responsible for skin imperfections. Over-exaggerated facial expressions eventually cause the skin to furrow to the point that it creates permanent deep creases and wrinkles. When Botox is injected into those muscles, the neurotoxin blocks the nerve signals that are sent from the muscle, temporarily weakening its activity and allowing the skin to relax. Injection results generally last 3 – 4 months, so routine Botox injections are necessary for lasting results.

What Can Botox Treat?

Crow’s Feet

botox-for-crows-feetSquinting from the harsh sun or to better see something creates fine lines on the sides of the eyes, more commonly known as crow’s feet. The muscles responsible for this movement span from the temples to the cheeks, and they control actions such as closing the eyes to sleep or blink and an array of expressions. Although small, these fine lines can age you, and in time they become even deeper. Botox will be delivered appropriately to soften the appearance of these lines while keeping your warm, welcoming appearance when you smile.

Frown Lines

Many facial expressions involve the furrowing of your eyebrows, such as squinting or frowning. After years of this continuous motion, lines between the brows can become permanent, making you look aged or tired. Botox can be used to soften these lines and make you appear vibrant and more alert.

Forehead Lines


Raising your eyebrows from shock or excitement can unfortunately leave lasting lines on your forehead. Botox is used to temporarily weaken the muscles responsible for the creation of these lines, greatly reducing their appearance.

Laugh Lines/Nasolabial Folds

Laughing is one of life’s joyous necessities, but not the lines that result from it. Smiling or laughing can create deep creases around your mouth that do not seem to ever go away. Botox can be used to counter these deep creases, alternatively known as nasolabial folds, and smooth their appearance. Dermal fillers are commonly used in conjunction to further smooth these lines.

Neck Bands

neck wrinklesWe take such good care of our facial skin, that we often forget to show some love to our neck. We make sure to apply sunscreen, but don’t remember to continue past the jawline. And with age, the use of neck muscles and continuous movement of the skin contributes to its laxity. Horizontal lines can begin to appear on the neck over time, and Botox can be used to counter this. Botox can provide good results, but Dr. Abramson may recommend pairing it with a filler for enhanced results.

Excessive Sweating


If you experience excessive sweating, you’ve probably gone through an array of deodorants and creams only to find that they were ineffective. Botox injections can be used to counter excessive sweating in men and women. Much like how Botox injections are used to block the muscle nerve signals, Botox can block the sweat gland nerves signals to reduce the amount of sweat productivity.

Uncontrollable Blinking

Blepharospasm is a condition in which the eyes blink uncontrollably due to involuntary muscle spasms. Botox has been used since 1989 to treat uncontrollable blinking in patients 12 years and older by relaxing the muscle safely and effectively.

Is Botox Right for You?

Most Botox patients are between the ages of 35 and 60 who do not have significant sun damage but want to eliminate wrinkles on their face. They typically have reasonably good skin tone and are concerned about lines and creases along their forehead, mouth, and around the eyes. Although most Botox patients choose the treatment to relieve the signs of aging, your specialist can also use Botox to ease physical conditions, such as lazy eye and uncontrolled blinking. It is important to note, however, that Botox cannot treat sun-damaged or sagging skin.

Alternative Procedures

Botox works to temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but Dr. Abramson offers suitable alternatives that can last longer and provide similar results. If you still wish to pursue the non-surgical path, dermal filler can be used to literally fill in deep creases on the face and neck. Dermal fillers such as Juvéderm are made of hyaluronic acid in an injectable gel form. They too provide temporary relief of wrinkles, and last about 1 year.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution for a youthful appearance, surgical procedures such as a facelift, brow lift, or blepharoplasty could be good alternatives. These surgical procedures remove lax skin from the face, forehead, and/or around eyes to produce a more vibrant, fresh appearance. While they will remove some wrinkles, they will not remove them all. Botox is often used in conjunction with facial surgery for this reason.


During your consultation at Dr. Abramson’s office, you will share the aesthetic and/or physical concerns you have with your face and neck. You will be thoroughly evaluated to make sure that Botox is the appropriate choice for you, and whether you could further benefit from the addition of dermal fillers depending on the treatment area(s). Both you and Dr. Abramson will decide together on an custom Botox treatment plan to best suite your individual case. Bringing a photograph of yourself from when you were younger can help him deliver natural-looking results. All questions are highly encouraged and will be answered thoroughly to make sure you are comfortable with your decision.

Dr. Abramson and the medical team invites potential patients to come in for a scheduled visit.

About Your Botox Treatment

Because Botox does not need anesthesia, the procedure can be done right in our New York City, Franklin Lakes, or Englewood office. The treatment usually takes less than an hour and begins with a fine needle that injects the Botox solution into the targeted area. The toxin – which is a dilute form of botulinum – blocks nerve impulses to the injected muscles, reducing the activity that causes lines to form.

Botox requires a prescription, so it is important that you work with board-certified professionals. Dr. Abramson’s friendly and reputable staff is committed to providing you with top-notch care, whether you hail from New York City, Manhattan, Englewood or elsewhere.

Botox Units Required

Since every patient is unique and has different aesthetic or physical goals, the amount of Botox units used in your specific case will have to be determined during your initial consultation with Dr. David Abramson. He will examine your areas of concern, and also taking into consideration gender and age, Dr. Abramson can determine the amount of units that will provide you with optimal results.


There is no downtime required after Botox injections! You are able to return right back to work if you wish to come in for a lunchtime treatment. Results are visible in 1 – 3 days after your injections and last for 3 – 4 months, with some patients experiencing even longer results. Many men and women come in for routine injections for lasting results.

The Cost of Botox

For your financing needs, Alphaeon and Prosper are offered. No treatments are exactly alike and generally depend on how much of the solution is needed. As a result, your Botox prices will vary accordingly. The knowledgeable staff in Dr. Abramson’s practice will be able to offer more personalized costs based on your individual case.

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