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Do you have depressions or dimples in your skin? Do you wish you could smooth away fine lines or wrinkles? Patients now have the option of Renuva, a cutting-edge injection that is capable of restoring natural, long-lasting volume to targeted areas. Whether you would like to address a skin irregularity or combat the effects of aging, you can achieve smooth, full, and younger-looking skin with a single session of Renuva.

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About Renuva

Renuva is the latest in fat and dermal filler technology, and Dr. David Abramson is proud to offer injections at his Englewood, Franklin Lakes, and New York City locations. The injection consists of small amounts of rehydrated fat which can be injected into the face and hands for added volume and improved texture. It can also be used to fill irregularities and ripples caused by implants, liposuction, and other procedures.

A single treatment of Renuva can restore the smooth, healthy appearance of the skin in almost all areas of a patient’s body, including your:

  • Face. Renuva can fill in depressions in the facial skin, as well as be used for lip and cheek enhancement. The targeted injection can also add volume to the skin, effectively smoothing the lines and wrinkles in the area.
  • Hands. Patients who feel like they have signs of aging in their hands can restore youthful volume.
  • Hips. Renuva can smooth skin irregularities in the skin around the hips, as well as subtly augment the curve of the patient’s figure.
  • Buttocks. Renuva will smooth the uneven skin surface caused by cellulite. Renuva can also add subtle, targeted volume to the buttocks, in order to improve the overall buttocks shape.

Why Renuva Works

Renuva effectively volumizes the skin by injecting allograft adipose fat into the fat tissue of a targeted area. Allograft fat is fat that has been extracted from a donor, sterilized, processed, and screened according to FDA standards for safety and quality. A Renuva injection also contains components which stimulate your body’s natural growth factors: this promotes your body’s acceptance of the new fat, as well as your own fat production in the area. The allograft adipose fat will act as a support frame for any new fat, as well as immediately create better volume and texture of the skin.

Benefits of Renuva

Renuva injections offer the following benefits to patients:

  • Adds volume. A Renuva injection will raise dimples and pockets in the skin to meet the smooth, healthy appearance of the surrounding tissue. It can also restore volume to skin that has lost its fullness due to aging. The targeted, added volume will fill in fine lines, achieving a more youthful appearance. A Renuva injection can additionally be used for subtle body contouring by adding volume to patients’ hips or buttocks.
  • Skin contouring. A Renuva injection can smooth and improve the texture of the dermis.
  • Targeted improvement. If a dimple, divot, or wrinkle in a particular area is taking away from the appearance of your skin, Renuva enables your doctor to focus on this particular spot safely and effectively.
  • Natural-looking results. An injection can raise aged or dimpled skin to match the volume of the surrounding tissue.
  • A comfortable option. Patients do not require more than topical anesthesia to keep them comfortable during their injection. Renuva injects donor fat that has been approved and purified for transfer, which means that patients do not need to undergo liposuction to provide the fat for use. No incisions need to be made.
  • A quick procedure. Patients can complete their treatment of Renuva in under an hour.
  • A quick recovery. Patients can return to their daily activities immediately after their Renuva injection.
  • Results. The Renuva injection improves the appearance of the treated area almost immediately. Results will continue to improve as any swelling diminishes over the first few weeks. Final results will be seen within three months.


Good candidates for Renuva are those who want to address the specific dimples or pockets that take away from the attractive appearance of their skin. These can be a result of natural fat development, previous liposuction work, or injury. If you have minor volume loss or irregularity in your skin, Renuva can target and fill in these areas.

Patients who would like to see more volume in their hips and buttocks, but do not have adequate fat to transfer, or do not want to undergo a more invasive procedure, are also good candidates for Renuva.

Renuva is additionally a good cosmetic solution for patients who have fine lines or wrinkles. Patients who are wary of the risks of other skin rejuvenation procedures, such as potential damage from the thermal heat of laser skin treatment, can be reassured that Renuva is both effective and safe.

Good candidates for Renuva are in overall good health and are open to the results of a body modifying procedure. Smokers may not be good candidates for Renuva, as smoking can interfere with the body’s ability to accept the injected fat.

If you would like to learn more about your candidacy for Renuva, call Dr. Abramson’s office today to schedule your consultation.


Your consultation with Dr. Abramson is intended both to answer any questions you may have about your skin rejuvenation options and to enable the doctor to tailor a treatment plan to your unique needs. During your consultation, Dr. Abramson will assess your medical history and medication use. He will also perform a physical exam of the area or areas of your skin which you would like to address with Renuva. After confirming your goals for your appearance with you, Dr. Abramson will propose a Renuva treatment plan that best addresses your concerns.

Dr. Abramson wants the best results for each individual patient. If he believes someone will better achieve their desired results with an alternative procedure, he will notify the patient and suggest other options to them.

Your Renuva Treatment

A Renuva treatment session is quick, comfortable, and effective. The area where the patient desires to see smoother, volumized skin will be sterilized before a topical anesthetic is applied to keep the patient comfortable during their Renuva treatment. The needle of a Renuva injection is very fine, in order to allow gentle, controlled insertion of the allograft adipose fat.

Dr. Abramson will take care to inject the identified dimples or irregularity with the allograft adipose fat in order to fill in the indentation. He will fill carefully until he has obtained a natural, smooth appearance.

For patients who want to see more volume and better contouring in their hips, buttocks, or facial features, Dr. Abramson will take care to achieve curvaceous, smooth, and subtle improvement with the injected fat. Similarly, patients who are addressing their wrinkles with Renuva will receive their injection into the targeted area. The fat will restore volume and fill out the wrinkles, restoring the smooth appearance of the skin.

Most patients receive two 1.5 cc vials of Renuva, or 3 ccs of Renuva, to achieve their desired effects.
Your Renuva injections can be administered in under an hour.


Renuva requires no downtime on the part of the patient: recipients are free to return to their daily activities immediately following their Renuva treatment. It is not uncommon to experience swelling and redness after receiving Renuva, but these symptoms will subside within the first two weeks of your recovery. It is advisable not to touch the site which has received the fat for the first week following your treatment, to guarantee the inserted fat remains in the desired position.

Dr. Abramson will provide detailed recovery instructions to each patient, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Abramson and his helpful staff!


Renuva will effectively fill and smooth minor irregularities and indentations, which previously took away from the smooth, attractive appearance of the patient’s skin.

Patients will see immediate improvement in the volume and appearance of their skin after their Renuva injection. The final results of Renuva will be evident three weeks after the injection. These results will continue to improve until the third month after the treatment, as the fat and tissue surrounding the injection adheres to Renuva’s introduced fat scaffolding. Patient’s skin will look younger, fuller, and smoother. There will be no sign that there was anything but healthy, smooth skin all along!

Those who use Renuva as a facial filler can enjoy long-lasting results, thanks to the fact that the body accepts and holds the fat for longer than it does with many other dermal fillers.


The price of a patient’s Renuva treatment will depend on the area or areas the patient would like to treat with the injection, as well as the number of vials that will be necessary to accomplish the patient’s rejuvenation. Once your initial consultation with Dr. Abramson is complete, and he has created a treatment plan for you, the helpful staff at Dr. Abramson’s office will be able to give you a cost breakdown of your anticipated treatment with Renuva.

For more information on the revolutionary treatment, please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will gladly share the exciting details on Renuva.

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