Breast Reduction for Women and Men

Women and men have many things in common. So, it might be no surprise that the breast reduction procedure is popular for both women and men. Initially, breast reduction was only available to women. In more recent years, male breast reduction has become available. Today, male breast reduction is a top ranking procedure for men, just as female breast reduction is for women.  So, let’s check out some more of the details.

Male breast reduction offers men with gynecomastia the opportunity to diminish fat that cannot be lost through traditional weight loss strategies. The results have been very satisfying for men.  Men have found a sense of relief from inhabitance by over-sized breasts. Some men have remarked that they feel better about their workout as they can see the full benefits of workouts, instead of frustration that they experience from results that cannot be obtained from a workout due to gynecomastia and the appearance of over-sized breasts. Many men have also commented that they were able to stay ahead of discomfort following the procedure during the recovery time period which lasts three to five days.  The vast majority of men have found that the investment in male breast reduction surgery was worthwhile, producing long lasting results.

Women who have had breast reduction enjoy the benefits of treatment with relief from discomfort and/or medical conditions. Women have remarked that that they have not experienced breast related back pain, shoulder pain, and skin chafing following breast reduction surgery. Women have commented that they feel more comfortable in their clothing and are interested in more fashionable attire following breast reduction surgery. Many women also find that they are less inhibited following breast reduction surgery, physically and emotionally. In cases whereby breast reduction surgery was deemed a medical necessity, women have not had to pay for all or a portion of the costs associated with the procedure.

For both women and men, breast reduction surgery can be a very appealing plastic surgery procedure.  To identify your candidacy for treatment, we invite you to contact Dr. David Abramson, board certified New York plastic surgeon for a consultation.

If you are interested in a plastic surgery, call board certified Dr. David Abramson, New York, New York plastic surgeon for a thorough consultation at 201-731-3134!

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