Breast Revision (Removal and Replacement)

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On average, most women who receive breast implants will require a standard implant replacement about every 10 years. This is referred to as breast revision, or breast implant removal and replacement surgery. Additionally, women may want to replace their implants for cosmetic enhancement or because of medical necessity. No matter the reason, breast revision can be a good option for women looking to feel good about their breasts again.

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About Breast Revision

Breast revision is a secondary breast procedure for women who have already had primary breast augmentation with implants. It may also be performed on women who have previously undergone breast revision surgery and want an aesthetic change before the 10-year mark. For women who have undergone multiple breast revision surgeries, it is important that they choose a qualified doctor with years of experience performing both primary and secondary breast operations, like Dr. Abramson. He has decades of experience performing breast augmentation and breast revision surgery for women of all body types and ages.

There are a variety of reasons why women may choose – or need – to undergo breast revision surgery. The most common reason is time. The majority of breast augmentation patients are happy with their bust and come in at the 10-year mark for a standard removal and replacement with the same implant specifics.

Other common reasons why women undergo breast revision surgery include:

  • Aesthetic change: Patients may desire a change in look from their original augmentation. They may want to change the size, type, profile, or shape of their implants. There are many options to choose from; Dr. Abramson is more than happy to discuss all of the different options available.
  • Capsular contracture: This is a condition where the scar tissue around the breast implant shrinks and tightens, creating a hardened capsule. This is not a common occurrence, and while it doesn’t always cause pain, it is important to change the implant. A new pocket will be created for the insertion of the new implant.
  • Implant malposition: Over time, the breast implants may shift position, leaving patients with unsatisfactory results. Dr. Abramson prides himself on his ability to perform exceptional breast revision surgery on women who have come from other surgeons not happy with the appearance of their bust.
  • Rupture: With extreme force or a faulty implant, an implant can fracture internally or externally; this is known as an implant rupture. While most obvious with saline implants, this can also occur with silicone implants. This is why mammograms are important, so they can detect “silent ruptures.”
  • Bottoming out: A specific type of implant malposition, bottoming out is when the implants move downward past the inframammary fold. Dr. Abramson is highly skilled at correcting this.
  • Deflation: Breast implant deflation can occur as a result of the age of the implants, trauma to the implants, or general wear and tear.

Whatever the reason, Dr. Abramson is here to help patients not only achieve results that they love but results that they can enjoy for many years to come. Get started by contacting one of our New Jersey or New York locations and request a consultation.

Good Candidates

Patients who have previously undergone breast augmentation or revision surgery, but are still unhappy with their breasts may be good candidates for breast revision surgery. They may require breast revision due to complications with their implants or they may desire breast revision because they desire a change. In any case, Dr. Abramson is here to help.

As with any procedure, it is important that patients are in good physical health prior to undergoing surgery. Please let the doctor know during the consultation of any chronic illnesses or have undergone any previous surgeries. Also, let the doctor know about any tobacco, alcohol, or drug usage. Furthermore, patients should be in good mental health prior to surgery. Cosmetic surgery can be mentally strenuous, not only during recovery but also as the patients adjusts to their body’s new appearance. Finally, it is extremely important that patients have realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure.

Breast Revision vs Breast Lift

In some cases, the patient may believe that they require breast implant revision when they actually require a breast lift. A breast lift is performed in order to counter ptosis, or the drooping of the breasts. Ptosis can occur as the skin and breast tissue adjusts to carrying more weight from the implant. It can also occur as a result of age, weight loss, pregnancy, or other factors. In some cases, Dr. Abramson may decide that the implant is in perfectly good condition. Assuming the patient is happy with the size and shape of the implant, then Dr. Abramson may perform a breast lift instead of breast revision in order to lift the breasts to a more attractive position. If the patient is choosing to remove their implants entirely, then a breast lift may also be required in order to provide optimal contour. These factors will be discussed in more detail during the consultation.

The Surgery

General and local anesthesia are typically used during a breast revision procedure.

Since it is an outpatient procedure, patients will be able to return home following the operation after they’ve been released from the recovery room. However, they will not be able to drive themselves home and should make arrangements for somebody else to pick them up and drive them home.

When applicable, Dr. Abramson will use the same incision points as the original implant insertion. This will prevent additional scarring. Dr. Abramson will either remove or replace the existing implants, depending on the patient’s goals. A new pocket may be created if necessary. Then, the doctor will close the incisions with sutures. The patient will be taken to a recovery room where they will slowly wake up from the anesthesia while being monitored by our caring and knowledgeable staff.


Patients who have undergone breast augmentation surgery will notice that the recovery from breast revision surgery is comparable. Recovery from revision surgery may even be more comfortable and may require less time spent at home.

Dr. Abramson will wrap the patient in a compression garment to help reduce swelling and support the breasts while they settle into position. The compression garment also helps keep pressure off of the incision sites for quicker recovery.

The most common side effects include bruising and swelling around the breasts. Discomfort can be controlled with medication prescribed by Dr. Abramson. Typically, patients can return to work and regular routines in about a week or two. However, complete recovery takes about a month. During this time, patients should not engage in strenuous activity. The doctor will inform patients on the best stretches, sleeping positions, and other activities that can improve the recovery period and final results.


The consultation will set the standard for the rest of your surgical experience. For this reason, Dr. Abramson urges you to come prepared with any questions you may have regarding breast revision or any other procedures that you have in mind. Breast revision, while popular, is personalized and customized to the individual’s wants and needs. In many cases, both implants may need to be replaced. However, in others, only one implant may need to be replaced. Dr. Abramson will decide this at the time of the consultation using advanced analytic techniques.

During the consultation, Dr. Abramson will meet with you personally to discuss your goals for the procedure.

Dr. Abramson will ask about your previous breast augmentation procedure and why you desire a revision. If you have any medical records regarding capsular contracture, rupture, deflation etc., then please bring this information up during the consultation. If you are unhappy with how your breast augmentation turned out, then Dr. Abramson will need you to articulate or show with pictures what you hoped to accomplish, so he can deliver the results you desire.

Dr. Abramson will perform an examination to help determine the proper procedure and technique for your individual case. Before you undergo any surgical operation, you should be sure to meet with the doctor for a consultation beforehand. Following the consultation and examination, Dr. Abramson will offer his expertise on how you can best achieve your desired results and what exactly that will entail.

With the information gained during the consultation, Dr. Abramson will then draw up a comprehensive individualized surgical plan. At this time, you will have the opportunity to schedule your surgery. However, we believe that patients should take their time when deciding to undergo a cosmetic surgery. Our team will help you go over all of the specifics following the consultation, including financing, so that you feel confident in your decision. Price can also be discussed at the end of the consultation.

In order to get started, contact Dr. Abramson to request a consultation. Dr. Abramson looks forward to meeting new and existing patients to discuss their cosmetic goals!

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