Breast Reconstruction

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What is Breast Reconstruction?

Losing a breast to disease or injury can be devastating for a woman. A lumpectomy (partial removal) or mastectomy (full removal) can leave you feeling physically and emotionally incomplete. With breast reconstruction you can regain your feminine silhouette with the creation of soft, natural-looking breasts.

Breast reconstruction is one of the most rewarding procedures for a plastic surgeon. Dr. David L. Abramson has been honored to use his skills to help women in Manhattan and neighboring communities feel whole again.

Breast Reconstruction & You

Dr. Abramson will listen to your concerns and give you a comprehensive physical exam, so he can gauge what will work best for you. His breast reconstruction patients come from all over the New York City region, including Englewood and Manhattan. He and his staff have plenty of experience helping women rebuild their breasts – and their lives.

There are many factors involved when you are deciding whether to undergo breast reconstruction.

Qualifications For Breast Reconstruction

  • You are able to cope well with your diagnosis and treatment.
  • You do not have additional medical conditions or other illnesses that may impair healing.
  • You have a positive outlook and realistic goals for restoring your breast and body image.

About Breast Reconstruction Surgery

There are numerous techniques for breast reconstruction. The most common procedure is an implant-based reconstruction which is usually performed in several stages, first placing a tissue expander and then replacing it with the perfect permanent implant several months later. Other options for breast reconstruction can include tissue from the abdomen either a tram flap or D IEP flap. Tissue from the buttock, posterior thigh and back can also be used.

When determining the best treatment for patients undergoing breast reconstruction is important to understand whether a patient is having a single or bilateral mastectomy, whether they have significant medical issues or previous past surgical procedures that may affect the blood supply to the surgical area.

Breast reconstruction combined with mastectomy can have a significant length recovery and patient should be prepared to take a significant time off from work.

Breast reconstruction is a complex surgical procedure and can have complications ranging from small bleeding and infection to more severe complications that can lead to complete loss of the reconstruction.

Patient should be aware of these issues and they should be discussed extensively with her surgeon prior to undertaking the surgical procedure.

Secondary procedures such as implant reconstruction, nipple reconstruction, tattooing and fat grafting can all be performed to improve the cosmetic result and restore the appearance of the breast to his natural shape and feel as possible.

Breast reconstruction encompasses various methods:

  • The flap technique repositions a woman’s own muscle, fat and skin to create or cover the breast mound.
  • Tissue expansion involves the insertion of an expander that is slowly filled, via an internal valve, for several months to stretch the skin.
  • A breast implant can be an addition or an alternative to the flap technique.

Your surgeon will help you determine the best option for you. Patients can have their breast reconstruction performed with their mastectomy or lumpectomy, or they can delay it until all their other treatments are done.

Breast Reconstruction Before & After Pictures

When you are researching breast reconstruction, photos of fellow patients can help you evaluate the effectiveness of the procedure. Dr. Abramson encourages you to browse his Before and After Gallery before your initial consultation.

Before & After Photos

What are Breast Reconstruction Costs?

For your financing needs, Alphaeon™ and Prosper® are offered.. The procedure is highly individualized, so breast reconstruction prices will fluctuate accordingly. If you would like to garner more detailed information about breast reconstruction costs, then please discuss your case with Dr. Abramson and his expert staff.