Male Body Contouring

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What Is Male Body Contouring

Male body contouring can take many forms. The most common areas that men like to address are love handles and the chest. Love handles are frequently addressed with liposuction and many different technologies are available to help improve the result. There are ultrasound and laser assisted techniques that all can be used in the right person to help improve results.

Is important to discuss with Dr. Abramson at great length the best alternative technology that would be right for you.


In terms of the chest, a diagnosis needs to be made of how much of the problem is skin and how much is actual breast tissue, Sometimes liposuction alone will be sufficient but other times excisional surgery is required.

It is much less common for men to have either liposuction or abdominoplasty but in certain cases with massive weight loss those procedures can be entertained as well.