Migraine Treatments

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Surgery for Migraines?

Surgery for chronic migraines is relatively new to the plastic surgery community. It has been determined that many migraine sufferers have symptoms related to compression of the nerves particularly those that travel near the orbit.

Patients with chronic migraines who have more than five attacks per month and have failed other more conservative treatments may be candidates for nerve decompression surgery.

What is Surgical Migraine Treatment?

You may think it’s odd to come to a plastic surgeon for migraine treatment, but a revolutionary surgical intervention offered by Dr. Abramson is helping people find help for chronic headaches.

First, Dr. Abramson will use a neurotoxin like Botox® to block nerves that can cause migraine headaches. Usually, nerves in your forehead, temples or at the back of your head are responsible for migraine headaches.

It’s a trial-and-error process that may take several attempts before you can successfully identify which nerves cause your pain. Once the nerves responsible for your headaches have been identified, Dr. Abramson will remove them through a traditional blepharoplasty or eyelid lift surgery. This is called nerve decompression. The treatment lasts for about 10 years, is reversible, adjustable and won’t limit your facial expression at all.

Are You a Candidate for Surgical Migraine Treatment?

Millions of people suffer from migraines, but women between the ages of 25 and 55 experience them more frequently. If any of the following apply to you, you could be a candidate for migraine treatment/nerve decompression from Dr. Abramson:

  • A neurologist has diagnosed you with chronic migraine headaches.
  • You have two or more migraine headaches each month.
  • You’ve tried unsuccessfully to treat and prevent your headaches with a variety of medications.
  • You don’t think your migraine headaches are well controlled.

Please contact us to determine your eligibility for migraine treatment.

All patients should have a thorough evaluation by a neurologist to determine the potential need for operative intervention. It is been reported that approximately 40% of patients have complete relief of a migraine symptoms and up to another 40% have a greater than 50% reduction in their migraine incidents.

Learn more about nerve decompression, the life-changing approach to migraine headache treatment, by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Abramson.