CoolSculpting Thighs

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CoolSculpting Thighs

Big thighs can cause your body to appear imbalanced and unhealthy, but losing thigh fat can be very difficult.

Thigh fat tends to be resistant to dieting and exercise. For many of our patients, slim thighs seem like an unreachable goal.

We are pleased to offer CoolSculpting as a simple and non-surgical option to decrease fat stores along the inner and outer thighs. 

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing technology that targets unwanted fat cells with cold temperatures. The science behind CoolSculpting is called cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis was first hypothesized by scientists who noticed that children who ate popsicles a lot tended to develop dimples in their cheeks.

After extensive testing and research, they proved that cold temperatures could be safely used to slim down fatty areas along the body.

CoolSculpting has been approved by the FDA and can be used to treat areas all over the body including the upper arms, back, under the chin, flanks, abdomen, and thighs. CoolSculpting devices called applicators have been specifically designed to treat these areas along the body. These applicators have been made to optimally fit each body type and provide comfortable treatment. 

CoolSculpting the thighs is a popular treatment. Many people use this treatment to help them achieve an inner thigh gap or slim down outer thigh bulges.

Because the inner and outer thighs are so different, specific applicators have been made for each area. The CoolAdvantage Applicator with interchangeable contours is perfect for the softer fat of the inner thighs. This applicator will target jiggly thigh fat and help slim it down. The outer thigh fat is firmer and not pinchable, which requires a specially-designed device called the CoolSmooth PRO Applicator. The applicator will help diminish the fat stores that make your outer thighs bulge so that you can have a smoother and more fluid curve to your body. 

CoolSculpting your thighs is a simple and convenient procedure that allows you to improve your body without any of the unwanted aspects of surgery.

In a thigh CoolSculpting treatment, an applicator is applied to the thighs with suction. The suction will draw unwanted fat stores to the surface of the skin for a more effective treatment. These cells will be killed with the consistently cold temperatures emitted from the applicators.

Once treatment is done, your body will start working to locate and metabolize these fat cells.

The Benefits of CoolSculpting

Thigh CoolSculpting Benefits

The main reason our patients love this treatment is that it is a convenient, non-surgical procedure. With CoolSculpting you can save money and not undergo an extensive downtime. CoolSculpting your thigh fat means no incisions, no injections, no narcotics, no preparation, no downtime, no anesthesia and no risk of scarring

You get to slim down your thighs without the unpleasantries that so often accompany invasive surgeries. If you are interested in improving your thighs, don’t wait any longer. Schedule a consultation with us today by clicking here.


The best candidate for a CoolSculpting thigh treatment will be a healthy adult man or woman. CoolSculpting is a great option for patients because it is easy to fit into a busy schedule and doesn’t require prep or downtime. Treatments are effective and are a great way to achieve body goals.

Personal Consultation

During your private meeting, you will get to ask lots of questions and learn all about the CoolSculpting process. This meeting is for you to determine if CoolSculpting is right for you and for us to determine if it is a safe and healthy option. Questions regarding your health history, current lifestyle, medication regimen and allergies will help us learn about you and if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting.

We want you to be confident in your treatment and will personalize it to your body and desired goals.


One of the best parts of a CoolSculpting procedure is that it requires little to no preparation. We will instruct you with any steps you need to follow before the appointment but the most important thing is to show up and be ready to relax.

CoolSculpting Treatment

The treatment will take about thirty-five minutes and does not require anesthesia.

  • When you arrive, you will be taken to a state-of-the-art room where you will have a seat in one of our comfortable chairs.
  • An applicator, either the CoolAdvantage Applicator with interchangeable contours or the CoolSmooth PRO Applicator will be applied to the area of your thighs you wish to see improved.
  • The thighs will quickly go number and you will get to rest and relax for the rest of the appointment while the applicators go to work.

When your treatment is complete, you will feel a slight pressure as the applicator is removed. Your treatment area will be massaged for a few minutes and then you can get on with your day.


Your thighs will be numb for a few more hours. As feeling returns you may feel tingling sensations, these sensations are common and may occur for about twenty-four hours. 

The skin in the treatment area will be red but as feeling returns the skin will return to a normal shade. You can easily return to work or your routine after your thigh treatment. Avoid working out for the first day as strenuous activities may impact your results.


Thigh CoolSculpting Results

The fat cells that have been destroyed by the cold temperatures will be located by the body and metabolized. This process will take a few weeks and some patients can see an improvement in their thighs after only three weeks. However, your best outcome will be noticeable after two to three months. 

The slimmer, sexier thighs that are achieved with your treatment will be long-lasting! This is because a significant percentage of the fat cells in the treated area have been removed from the thighs and metabolized. These fat cells cannot return. So once your fat cells have been burned off by your body they are gone for good. You can enjoy your slender legs for a long time! The best way to enjoy your results and keep them around is to exercise and eat healthily.

Complementary Procedures

You don’t have to be limited to treating just one area during your treatment. You can treat up to two!

If there is another area along your body that you are bothered by, such as your stomach or love handles, you can combine your CoolSculpting treatment to get a more comprehensive improvement in your appearance.

Treating two areas will change your appointment time to about an hour but you will get more out of the treatment. Express your interest in combining two treatments in one appointment when you schedule your consultation.

Cost of CoolSculpting Thighs

The cost of your treatment will depend on the number of areas treated and the number of appointments needed to achieve your desired outcome. We will work with you to set up your best treatment plan! If you are ready to improve the delicate contours of your thighs, click here to schedule a consultation or give our office a call at (201) 731-3134, we look forward to talking with you.


Does CoolSculpting work for thighs?

Yes! CoolSculpting is a great treatment for your thighs. Many patients undergo this thigh treatment to achieve an inner thigh gap or slim down outer thigh bulges. This non-invasive treatment helps to slim down the legs but also has a big impact on the appearance of the body overall. Slender legs will help you appear slimmer and more healthy. If you are interested in pursuing a CoolSculpting thigh treatment, schedule your consultation with us by clicking here.

How much does CoolSculpting cost for thighs?

The cost of each patient’s thigh treatment will be different. CoolSculpting procedures are customized to you based on your body and desired outcome. A cost breakdown will be detailed for you during your consultation.

Is CoolSculpting permanent?

CoolSculpting provides long-lasting results because the fat cells that have been killed and metabolized cannot return. The outcome achieved with your thigh treatment can be maintained with thigh workouts and healthy eating.

Does CoolSculpting work on thigh cellulite?

No, CoolSculpting is a great treatment for diminishing fat stores but will not reduce cellulite on the thighs. We offer Cryoskin to help maximize our patient’s thigh treatment. Cryoskin will reduce fat, cellulite and tighten your skin in one appointment. Multiple appointments may be needed to achieve the outcome you want. The Cryoskin 3.0 system uses adjusted temperatures to diminish cellulite and tighten the skin. This non-invasive technique is pain-free and is the finishing touch every patient needs. If you are looking to erase cellulite on your thighs and have smooth sexy thighs, ask us about a Cryoskin treatment to compliment your CoolSculpting results.

Is CoolSculpting good for inner thighs?

Yes, CoolSculpting is an effective treatment for the inner thighs. This frustrating fat can easily be sculpted by a CoolSculpting device and naturally slim down your legs. This fat-freezing treatment is often used on the thighs and is a patient favorite due to its convenience.

Can CoolSculpting get rid of saddlebags?

Yes! Saddlebags are the bulges of fat on the outer thighs that can be very difficult to reduce. This fat is tough and not pinchable like so much of the fat found around the body. CoolSculpting technology implements a specific applicator to target this fat: The CoolSmooth PRO Applicator. This applicator will secure to the outer thighs and freeze away the bothersome fat. If you are bothered by saddlebags, CoolSculpting will help get rid of it without requiring surgical methods!

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