Breast Surgery in New York Is In

Indeed, Breast Surgery in New York is in. In fact, over the past decade, roughly 300,000 women each year proceeded with breast augmentation. In this same decade, the number of women interested in breast augmentation rose by 39% ending in the 2010 year, according to statistics reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons also reported that 90,000 women requested breast lift in 2010, a 70% increase. Breast reduction has also become quite popular evidenced by many insurance companies willingness to pay for the breast reduction procedure today.
The reasons for the choice for breast surgery are numerous. Most importantly, women wish to increase the size of their breasts, reduce breast size, or wish to improve sagging, asymmetry between the breasts or misshapenness. For women who have had breast augmentation, many have experienced the reward of being less inhibited because of their former small breast size. Women who have had breast augmentation may also feel less self-conscious if they were challenged by misshapen breasts or asymmetry between the breasts. Women who have had breast lift often remark they feel a self of renewal with relief from misshapen, asymmetrical, and/or sagging breasts. Women who have had breast reduction typically note that they are relieved from bothersome physical limitations due to enlarged breasts, while feeling a sense of freedom due to their new well-proportioned breast size.
Generally speaking, the vast majority of women are not overly concerned about their breast size, but wish to improve their appearance. The one concern they may have is that they do not wish to be “overdone”. Once they visit a plastic surgeon, view their before and after patient photos and have their questions answered, they are most often comforted in knowing that breast surgery is safe and effective for producing natural results.
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