Brow Lift for Accentuated Eye Brows

Brow lift, also known as, forehead lift had always been popular for women and men interested in relieving forehead lines. For people with sagging eyebrows, the brow lift may be a great solution. For people who seemed to have to use Botox too often, the brow lift is a cost effective alternative with results that last ten years or more. Increasingly last year, more people became interested in the brow lift for relief from migraine headaches following the announcement of study results showing less significant or no migraines in the vast majority of brow lift patients that were treated for this condition. Most recently, more people between the ages of 40 and 70 have become interested in the brow lift because of other reasons, including:

•   Many more women have become interested in the brow lift procedure to accentuate their eye brows and to bring out more of youthful appearance. It appears that natural looking but arched eye brows are in.

•   As more men have requested hair transplants, they may also be likely to request a brow lift to balance a receding hairline or baldness.

•   As men and women have requested fat transfers to treat a hollowed appearance, they may compliment the results of the procedure with a brow lift.

•   People who have a face lift may wish to achieve fully satisfactory results with a brow lift as well.

•   People who are candidates for eye lid surgery may only require a lower eye lift when complimented with a brow lift to bring out the eyes.

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