Facial Rejuvenation in New Jersey for Your Smile

Our smile often represents our disposition, intentions, and our connection with other people. This representation is a common greeting and is often the initial focal point for social communication. Facial rejuvenation for your lower face lends the ability to communicate enhanced first impressions. Facial Rejuvenation in New Jersey may never be better than when you focus on enhancing your smile.

When plastic surgeons consider facial rejuvenation for the lower face, there are many considerations. There are the lips and teeth, as well as, facial lines, skin depressions, asymmetry, shape, and skin texture. Plastic surgeons also consider the solutions, including: injectable fillers, Botox Cosmetic, lasers, and the lower face lift.

For those who have rough, sun damaged, or slightly sagging skin, there are a variety of lasers available to promote collagen production that stimulates skin firmness, as well as, dramatically improves rough, sun damaged skin. Continued treatments may be required to achieve a satisfactory result, maintain the benefits and postpone the appearance of more advanced aging signs. Many people do not mind returning for repeat sessions because the procedure can be highly beneficial.

For facial lines or skin depressions, facial fillers can fill in the gaps for a natural and more youthful smile. Plastic surgeons have a variety of facial fillers to select from to ensure patients receive the right choice. The procedure only requires a few simple injections, the results are immediate and there’s no downtime. So, facial fillers are very appealing to people with facial lines and skin depressions. The results last six month or more, depending upon filler type, but people usually do not mind returning for maintenance treatments because the cost is very reasonable.

The face lift can tighten more advanced loose, sagging skin, as well as, improve select facial lines. There are a variety of techniques that may be used, depending upon the extent required for the procedure. Recovery may take up to two weeks, but the results can last 10 years or more. Touch ups allow for everlasting results.

For lip lines, thin lips or asymmetry, Botox or facial fillers may be used to soften lip lines, augment lips and improve asymmetry. This is a highly technique driven procedure that requires about 15 minutes time and a few injections. Botox results last for 3 months or more and facial fillers last 6 months or more, depending upon the type. Follow up treatments allow for long lasting results.

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