Liposuction in Your 20’s?

Liposuction is highly desirable for many people in their 20’s located in New York, New York. During this time period, you want to be looking your best so little bumps and bulges consisting of excess fat can be quite bothersome. These fat deposits can be quite problematic as they tend to be resistant to traditional weight loss methods, such as, diet and exercise. Indeed, many people in New York in their 20’s are concerned about weight maintenance; particularly the areas that do not provide for a toned, bodily appearance. Liposuction helps to smooth out the rough edges which can add a spark in the lives of those 20 and over.
Typically performed on people within 15 pounds of ideal weight, liposuction simply removes excess fat deposits from the neck, stomach, hips, flanks, back, thighs and buttocks. In fact, people in their 20’s who have lost massive weight may be attracted to liposuction for their knees, arms, stomach, and back as well. Following the procedure, people often experience a sense of rejuvenation. At times, this provides incentive to continue with fitness and nutrition routines that support weight maintenance goals.

Tips for Fat Reduction in Your 20’s
There are some special considerations for people in their 20’s to take into account. First, smoking increases risks during surgery and may affect the results of the procedure in years to come. Secondly, proper diet and exercise with a regular fitness routine is important to maintain the results of the procedure.  Third, sun exposure can result in poor healing of the incisions and may alter the results of the procedure. Finally, people in their 20’s must inform their plastic surgeon if they take medications, supplements or illegal drugs to avoid risks that may be associated with taking such drugs during surgery.  For example, some medications may need to be stopped at least eight weeks before surgery.

If you are interested in a liposuction, call board certified Dr. David Abramson, New York, New York plastic surgeon for a thorough consultation at 201-731-3134!

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