N.Y. Liposuction: Is the Right Time Now?

In the midst of the summer season, it is not uncommon for people to want to spoil themselves with a special treat. At the forefront of many New Yorkers minds is weight maintenance. And it’s true, that weight maintenance is the appropriate goal for the summer season and beyond. This focus allows people to set reasonable expectations for outcome of delightful meals over the upcoming holiday season. By the same token, most everyone has a fitness goal that they are preparing to launch and to add the adjunct of liposuction which can provide an incentive to continue on weight maintenance or weight loss goals.

The good news is that liposuction is one of those procedures that can be fit in over the summer season to smooth out those troublesome fat deposits. It is a less invasive procedure when compared to some other plastic surgery procedures. The procedure may be performed under local anesthesia and sedation to return home in a few hours. The procedure may be performed under general anesthesia for a bit more recovery room time. Usually, within a day or so, you’ll be able to perform most normal activities. The catch might be the compression garment that you’ll need to wear over the treatment area. However, most people do not mind this because the compression garment provides a comfortable, tightened up feeling, while reducing swelling and inflammation.

Indeed, the time may be right for liposuction this season. Great for the abdomen, back, love handles, thighs, and more, a refreshing feeling and sense of rejuvenation can all be yours with liposuction this season. In fact, contact Dr. Abramson today to learn more about liposuction. Appointments book up quickly during the summer season!

If you are interested in a plastic surgery, call board certified Dr. David Abramson, New York, New York plastic surgeon for a thorough consultation at 201-731-3134!

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