The Right Body Contouring Combination

Weight loss- you may have embraced a proper diet and exercise program to achieve your goals for weight loss. A consistent program is vital to quality of life. Yet, sometimes these measures do not offer optimal results. Alas, there are body contouring procedures to enhance your weight loss outcome, as follows.    

·         A protruding abdomen due to lax abdominal muscles following pregnancy or weight fluctuations will not likely tighten without the aid of a tummy tuck. 

Select small or large fat deposits may not respond to diet and exercise regimens, but may be remedied with the assistance of liposuction for a slimmed down appearance.

·         Fat bulges may be treated with Cool Sculpting for a trim appearance. 

·         Skin may not retract after weight loss, but may be treated with body lift procedures for a natural look.

·         Cellulite may still appear after weight loss, but bumps of fat and dimples may be released with Cellulaze for a smoother, healthier look.

        The Top Five Considerations in Body Contouring 

While plastic surgery procedures are not designed to result in perfection, the enhancement that can result from the above mentioned procedures is welcoming for many.  Of course, qualifications for body contouring procedures require that you participate in an ongoing proper nutrition and exercise program to help preserve results. In addition, weight gain may affect plastic surgery results. You’ll also want to consider other factors in your decision for body contouring, including but not limited to:

1. Liposuction is typically performed when you are within 15 pounds of your ideal weight and large volume liposuction may be performed if you do not fit into this weight category.

·        2.  Cool Sculpting is designed to treat specific fat bulges.   

·        3.  Tummy Tuck is typically performed following weight loss once your weight is stabilized and you no longer desire to have children.

·       4.  Body Lift procedures are typically performed once your weight has been stabilized for at least a year or more.

·       5.   One or more of these procedures may be combined to achieve the best possible outcome.  In some cases, the procedures may be staged.

Dr. Abramson can best identify the best approach for you. In the end, you are in control of your weight maintenance. Body contouring procedures can beautify weight loss outcomes.    With the perk of patient financing and affordable pricing, body contouring procedures may easily slip into your Summer calendar to experience wonderful, long lasting results.   

If you are interested in body contouring, call board certified Dr. Abramson, Englewood New Jersey and New York, New York plastic surgeon for a thorough consultation at (201) 568-6977 or (212) 774-1828. 


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