Thinking about Breast Augmentation? Know Your Breasts May Naturally Increase in Size

Breast augmentation is very popular today. Millions of women of all ages have enjoyed the benefits of an increased breast size that allows for better fitting clothing, improved self-image and perhaps, enhanced social and professional relations. And why not? Anesthesia and anti-pain medication offers a comfortable recovery that lasts for about a week following breast augmentation. The results are immediate and typically quite an enhancement.

If you are thinking about breast augmentation, you’ll also want to ask your plastic surgeon about the ways that your breast size may naturally increase, as follows:

• Breasts are usually fully developed by 18 years of age, but some women may develop larger breasts well into their twenties. In fact, the FDA does not allow young women to obtain saline breast implants until they are 18 and silicone implants cannot be placed until a woman has reached 21 years of age.

• Breasts become larger by one to two sizes during pregnancy, but every woman is different so the size increase varies among women

• Breasts may remain larger following pregnancy. Alternatively, they may be smaller.

• Breasts may become larger by up to two sizes with hormone changes; either by way of birth control pills or natural biological processes, such as, menopause.

• Breasts may increase in size because of medication use.

• Breasts may appear larger in certain types of clothing, such as, bras that clip in the front. Suits may make breast appear smaller, but the same set of breasts may look much larger in a spaghetti strap T-shirt.

• Breasts may appear larger following twelve weeks to six months of chest weight training exercises which must be continued to maintain the results. In this case, the breasts do not actually grow. However, chest muscles build to create the feel of firmer breasts and perhaps, the illusion of larger breasts.

• Breast size increases with age. The International Journal of Mid Life Health and Beyond reports that one in five women experience an increase in breast size after menopause and this is contributed to weight gain.

• Breast size increase was evident for 48% of women who had liposuction below the waist in a recent study. The breast size increase was evident within six to twelve months of the procedure.

• Breast size may increase with weight gain.

Indeed, there are ways in which your breasts may become larger throughout your life.  In the end, you may want to go with the definitive plan- breast augmentation. Yet, your decision for the appropriate size may be influenced by the above mentioned factors.

Selecting Breast Implant Size

Plastic surgeons use a variety of methods to help ensure you select the right breast size. You can view before and after photos of women who had breast augmentation with similar features and desires as yours. You can try on different implants sizes and types in various types of clothing to help pinpoint the right breast size increase for you. Your plastic surgeon will also discuss the types of changes you may experience following breast augmentation. In any case, there are often many rewards to enjoy when your breast size increases.

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