Top Five New Year’s Resolutions

The time is knocking on our doors. New Year’s is a time for reflection, a time for celebration and a time for a new beginning. So, we’ve come with our own Top Five List to provide you with suggestions for the New Year.

1. Renew relationships with family and create more friends: In a 2002 UCLA study, Dr. Klein, one of the lead researchers, noted that friendship and love reduce the risk of disease by lowering blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol. So, social interaction can improve our chances of living longer. Social interaction also plays a role in our self-image and how we interact with others. Your eyes and smile create first impressions. Healthy skin shows that you are genuinely concerned about your health and this is appealing to others. A shapely body lets others know you take care of yourself and this can be attractive to others. Take renewal to the next level by bringing a friend to a Botox party or giving them a gift of medical grade skincare.

2. Step Up to Exercise: Liposuction is great for small fat deposits and tummy tuck is available for protruding abdominal muscles, but to get down to taking all of your fat, you have to exercise. Aerobic exercise, such as, 25 minutes of running, biking or tread milling three times a week and 40 minutes of muscle strength training with weights, is highly beneficial in many ways. Exercise increases longevity, reduces cancer risks, elevates mood, increases energy, lowers blood pressure and helps to maintain weight or trigger weight loss. In fact, exercise is important for liposuction and tummy tuck results to maintain longevity.

3. Kick the Habit: Smoking not only adversely affects the appearance of plastic surgery procedures and is a must to quit at least two weeks before a plastic surgery procedure, smoking harms healthy cells throughout your body, damages your skin and increases your risk of cancer significantly. On the up side, you can join the majority of non-smokers with reversal of the damage you created from smoking if you quit, according to several studies. There are quit smoking hotlines, counseling, gums, patches and many other remedies to keep you away from smoking. The first thirty days are the withdrawal period so it’s only natural to want some assistance. Check into kicking the habit today for a better tomorrow!

4. Enjoy Aesthetic Beauty: Enjoying aesthetic beauty is a form of intimacy that you have with yourself or share with others. Be it a walk in the woods, along the beach or on top of mountains, taking time to enjoy nature in life can be quite refreshing. Natural aesthetic beauty may also be achieved through non-invasive and minimally invasive plastic surgery treatments, such as, Botox for forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet; facial fillers for skin depressions and volume loss; or laser treatments which can improve your skin’s appearance, postpone aging signs and decrease the need for more invasive surgery later on.

5. Start a New Hobby: Whether you decide that your new hobby should be spoiling yourself with small cosmetic treats, or joining an organization, a sideline activity can be rewarding. Medical grade skincare and laser therapy can rejuvenate your skin for healthy living with repeat sessions. Spa treatments can be invigorating. Sporting activities can give you team spirit. A worthy cause can be a meaningful contribution.

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