Do Your Wrinkles Worry You?

Wrinkles, ironically enough, that worry you may only lead to more wrinkles. This is because certain wrinkles develop following repetitive facial expressions, such as, the signs you make when you worry. You may bring your eyebrows together at times of worry. You may lift the arches of your eye brows and your forehead. You may squint your eyes. You can simply try making your common facial expressions in a mirror and you may get an idea of the types of wrinkles you may eventually see on your face, if they are not already there.
The good news is that millions of women and men have stopped worrying about wrinkles because Botox and facial fillers are available. Botox significantly improves the appearance of existing wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows and crow’s feet. Botox also prevents and postpones wrinkles in the areas for longer lasting youthful skin. It is not uncommon for people in their 30’s to receive Botox treatments to prevent wrinkles today. In fact, we’re seeing the results in women who did so then that are now in their fifties, but may look like their Mid 30’s to 40’s. Perhaps, that’s one reason why the use of Botox has risen by 584% since 2000. The use of facial fillers also assists in diminishing the appearance of smile and laugh lines that may make you appear to have had a worrisome problematic lifestyle. Overall, minimally invasive procedures are up by 110% since 2000.
There is a wealth of possibilities to prevent, treat and postpone the appearance of worry lines today. A simple trip into your local plastic surgeon’s office will likely be an eye opening experience. The good news is that you are likely only to need one or two services to bring some youthfulness back to your face again.

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