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Cellulite is a concern that affects both men and women and it mostly untreatable through diet and exercise alone. Dr. Abramson now offers cellulite treatments for his patients as a stand-alone treatment or one that is easily pairable with various procedures. To learn more about this treatment and to determine candidacy, please contact our office and request a consultation with Dr. Abramson.

About Cellulaze

cellulaze-legsCellulite is one of the most visible and frustrating types of body tissue to remove, and it affects over 80% of women around the world. Cellulite is formed when pockets of subcutaneous fat are separated by tissue that connects the muscle and skin. This tissue can harden over time, creating the dimpled appearance that we now call “cellulite.”

The underlying structure of this hardened tissue cannot be entirely removed by exercise and diet and must be specifically targeted. Cellulite formation can be affected by a wide number of variables, including genetics, skin thickness, hormonal balance, gender, body fat distribution, and more.

People spend years trying to reduce or eliminate these fat dimple deposits, trying everything from intense exercise and extreme diets to highly invasive surgeries. Many of these either leave visible scarring or provide meager or only temporary results. Further treatments, such as those using dietary supplements (like fish oil, ginkgo biloba, sweet clover, and others) are not proven to have any real or lasting results. However, now there’s a new, minimally invasive—and non-surgical—procedure that produces visible results for the long-term.

Cellulaze restores elasticity to the skin while thickening it, producing a smoother, more aesthetically contoured appearance. Cellulaze was developed by Cynosure, which is renowned for numerous light-based cosmetic surgery techniques and procedures, especially those dealing with hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and scar minimization.

How it Works

The skin is also treated by the laser to trigger more collagen production, which smooths out the tissue and further reduces dimpling.

Employing an entirely safe method, Dr. Abramson performs Cellulaze by inserting a tiny laser tube under the skin. The laser is then used to melt thick and lumpy fat regions, while also cutting through the more hardened, fibrous bands of tissue. While a highly technical procedure, Dr. Abramson has the certified training and experience to perform Cellulaze without flaw for every patient.

Benefits of Cellulaze

Cellulaze was only FDA-approved back in 2012, but it has rapidly gained popularity because of how quickly it can be performed, the minimally invasive techniques involved, and the rapid recovery time.

Little-to-No Scarring

The incision made for the laser thread is incredibly tiny, and often heals so well that even the patient can’t find it on their own body.

Fast Recovery

Most patients only need a couple of days before they can return to their regular routines. Because of this, many patients schedule this procedure to occur at the end of the week so they can heal over the weekend.

High Effectiveness

Cellulaze has been shown to increase skin thickness by at least 25% and restore skin elasticity by 29% or more. These results last for more than a year and can be improved through multiple Cellulaze sessions.

Underlying Tissue Treatment

Cellulaze is increasingly chosen over other cellulite reduction procedures because many other approaches only deal with the appearance of the skin, versus the underlying structure of the skin. Massages, creams, and similar superficial techniques may produce quick results, but they are often far less effective and last hardly as long. Cellulaze goes straight to the cells that form the dimpling and re-configures them from the inside out.

Immediate Results

Patients often recover from the Cellulaze procedure and can see results right away. The skin is already thicker, and elasticity is improved and will continue to do so as the tissue heals.

Extensive Clinical Data

The Cellulaze procedure and results are backed by scientific, clinical testing, with surveyed patients showing a 93% extreme satisfaction rate a full year after undergoing the treatment.

Extremely Safe

Cellulaze is entirely safe, especially in the hands of a certified and trained doctor like Dr. Abramson. Any potential complications or concerns can be easily addressed during the pre-procedure consultation.

Better Self-Image

While cellulite is not harmful and will not negatively impact a woman’s health, it can hurt one’s self-image and confidence. By removing cellulite through Cellulaze, you can enjoy a boost in attitude, restored confidence in your appearance, and a higher quality of life.

Good Candidates

The initial consideration for a Cellulaze candidate is their current weight. Anyone who is too overweight should focus on reducing their body fat percentage before pursuing Cellulaze, based on their doctor’s health recommendations. Anyone with an acceptable weight level and who has moderate (or even mild) cellulite deposits can look to Cellulaze as a solution to restore smoother, softer, more contoured skin.

This applies to anyone who has cellulite on their thighs, buttocks, and hips. If you’re seeking to reduce cellulite in other areas of the body, Dr. Abramson can provide a personal consultation to determine if Cellulaze is the best option. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Abramson, please contact our office and speak with one of our helpful staff members.


Cellulaze is a treatment that does not require a large amount of preparation compared to many other cosmetic surgeries. Because of its minimally invasive nature, most patients only need local anesthesia.

Any patient who smokes will need to cease entirely at least two weeks before the procedure, and must not resume smoking for at least two weeks afterward. This reduces the risk of complications and also helps optimize the results of Cellulaze. Any medications being taken may either be stopped or reduced, as some may cause excessive bleeding.

Please note that, despite less preparation being needed, patients should never receive Cellulaze treatment from anyone other than a certified, trained, and reputable physician, such as Dr. Abramson.


After the initial preparation (discussed below), a patient receives local anesthesia to numb the region undergoing Cellulaze. Dr. Abramson will make a tiny incision in the skin, practically as small as a dot, where the laser thread is inserted. This minuscule tube will be manipulated around the flesh to reduce fat deposits and break up any hardened tissue.

That’s all there is to it. After the tissue is fully treated, the laser tube will be removed, the incision sealed and wrapped. Patients should have someone available to pick them up after the session to be driven home without putting undue stress on their body.


Patient recovery from Cellulaze is usually swift and relatively painless (if not entirely pain-free). Normal activities can be resumed most times within one or two days. Bruising and swelling may occur within the treated area(s), but this heals quickly and can be gone within a week. Some patients can use a compression wrap to accelerate the healing and improve the contours of the treated skin.

Dr. Abramson recommends not performing any highly active or overly strenuous tasks for a week. He may also prescribe light stretching and exercise, as well as proper nutrition, to help patients recover faster and with better results.

As for results, patients can expect the treated skin to continue smoothing out over the next six to twelve months, further improving the appearance. A good portion of cellulite should be immediate, seeing a visible reduction or elimination. The treatment also can keep cellulite from returning for a year or more.


Dr. Abramson requires a consultation session with every patient before they undergo a Cellulaze operation.

This is done for several reasons. Foremost, Dr. Abramson wants to ensure that all his patients understand the process, preparation, and expected recovery time before they commit to it. He also wants to make sure patient expectations for the results are realistic.

A consultation will involve a general health review, as well as a summary of any medications, prescriptions, or other supplements you may be taking. Your unique goals will be noted, and any questions or concerns will be addressed, so you are entirely confident going into the session.

The areas of cellulite you want to treat will be inspected to determine if the Cellulaze procedure will be of benefit. If Dr. Abramson decides that the skin in that area isn’t elastic enough, he may suggest alternative treatments. Also, it is possible to combine Cellulaze with liposuction to minimize the amount of fat actually beneath the skin altogether, creating even more impressive results. However, this approach should only be done with your doctor’s approval.


The cost of Cellulaze will vary according to each patient, the clinic they choose to apply the procedure, and the amount of cellulite being treated in the session. Multiple sessions can also be taken to reduce cellulite in multiple body areas. During your initial consultation session with Dr. Abramson, you will receive a clear estimate on what your overall procedure will cost and discuss ways to finance it with insurance (which may not cover cosmetic surgeries) or other payment plans.

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